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The Future of Payments is Here

At BigPay, we are a community of innovators, committed to connecting the world through seamless and secure financial solutions. Join us on our journey to empower businesses and individuals, foster global economic growth, and redefine the future of payments.


Empowering Transactions, Ensuring Trust

“We are committed to helping your business scale to new markets unrestrained. Simply integrate our API into your business and allow your customers to enjoy instant transfers into their local bank or wallet in Ghana.”

Connect the world with BigPay

Your Global Payment Partner, Wherever You Go.

Dedicated to revolutionizing the Fintech industry, BigPay envisions itself as the first-choice solutions partner around the world. Our singular focus remains to provide rapid, dependable, and secure digital payment services to businesses spanning the globe. With this vision in sight, we are invested in consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation, flexibility, and customer satisfaction. At the heart of BigPay's operations are its core values, that permeate through every interaction, every service, and every transaction. Integrity, Creativity, Customer Focus, and Teamwork & Collaboration function as the key pillars holding up the ideology and ethos of BigPay.


To be the preferred solutions partner in the fintech industry offering fast, reliable and secure digital payments services to businesses across the globe


To be a world leader in digital financial solutions by leveraging our technologies and expertise to create value for our customers and shareholders.

Our Core Values


We interact with all our stakeholders in honesty, transparency and fairness


We inspire our team to use innovative solutions to create opportunities out of challenges

Customer Focused

We put our customers first at the center of what we do.

Team Work

We value the contribution of our team through collaborative efforts for the success of our

About Us

No Borders, No Boundaries

BigPay serves as a worldwide payments network, enabling Business to Customer (B2C) enterprises to engage with a global customer base. With our robust, bank-grade API, you can seamlessly integrate our services into your business and tap into a borderless, frictionless market teeming with endless opportunities. Backed by cutting-edge technology, BigPay ensures secure cross-border payments, facilitating same-day payouts directly to your local bank or e-wallet. Join the future of payments with BigPay and unlock a world of opportunities.

Our Purpose

From the thriving heart of Ghana springs BigPay, the rising star of the FinTech industry. At the cornerstone of BigPay's mission is the ambition to ascend as a world leader in digital financial solutions. The ultimate aim? To generate value that trickles down to every customer, shareholder, and key stakeholder associated with BigPay.

The success of any business, especially in the rapidly evolving FinTech world, can be determined by the values it chooses to embed. At BigPay, four pillars form the bedrock of all interaction with stakeholders, customers, and within the team. These core values, which include integrity, creativity, customer focus, and teamwork & collaboration, are the compass that guides every thought process, every decision, and every step taken at BigPay.


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Unlocking Clarity: FAQ Edition

You can access our services online through our website or mobile app. Simply sign up, and you'll be ready to make use of our financial solutions.
We operate in over 200 countries and territories, providing our services globally, with the exception of sanctioned sovereigns.
The processing time for international money transfers with BigPay is remarkably fast, typically between 2-15 seconds.
We take security seriously. Your data is protected through data encryption and adherence to ISO 27001:2013 standards. Your privacy and funds are our top priority.
Pricing varies depending on the specific service, and may be determined by money transfer operators or telecom providers. We encourage you to check with your service provider for specific pricing details.
Our customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you. You can reach us through various channels, including our call center, online chat, email, and virtual calls. We're here to help with your inquiries and concerns.